Great coffee at the push of a button

Looking for a tabletop coffee machine that offers great tasting coffee at the simple touch of a button? We offer a great selection of tabletop coffee machines, each ideal for a different location with varied drink menus with some including tea & hot chocolate too. We offer both instant machines and bean to cup espresso machines giving you the right choice for your location.

The Vitro Range

The Vitro range is one of our top selling tabletop coffee machines, coming in 15 different configurations featuring everything from fully instant to fresh milk models. It’s a wide, wide world –and we recognise the diverse desires of consumers when it comes to hot beverages. Whether you enjoy the aroma of a long black coffee, the clean crisp taste of leaf tea or the velvety texture of freshly steamed milk; there’s a product in our comprehensive range that will meet your needs perfectly.


Vitro’s smoked glass door and touch screen user interface elegantly displays a comprehensive menu. It’s a state of the art combination that will complement any location. The user display, together with the cup positioning lighting system and intuitive tray position, guides the user through a simple and pleasing experience, every time they order a drink.

The Vitro Range

Vitro S1 Espresso

Ideal for small offices, convenience stores and quick service restaurants. The Vitro S1 Espresso is a compact coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality of coffee espresso-based drinks into any location that consumes less than 60 cups per day.

Vitro S1 Instant

The instant model with 4 soluble hoppers and 8 selections. The Vitro S1 Instant has been designed to fit the smallest spaces, it is an autonomous automatic coffee machine including four soluble products as standard – providing the consumer with a varied selection of hot beverages to choose from.

Vitro S2 Instant

3 to 4 hoppers for soluble products. The Vitro S2 instant is a quick and compact soluble machine which features two coffees, chocolate and milk as standard with the ability to substitute sugar or other soluble products.

Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea

5 canister fresh leaf tea dispense system. Offers a combination of freshly-ground and brewed bean coffee, chocolate and milkIncorporates a paperless fresh leaf tea brewing system, which adds freshly prepared leaf tea based drinks to the Vitro menu.

Vitro S3 Bean to cup

3 canister bean to cup dispense system Offers a combination of freshly-ground and brewed bean coffee, chocolate and milk.

Vitro S4 Instant

An additional 30% volume and autonomy. The Vitro S4 instant is ideal for those locations where capacity is critical, it has the same configuration as the Vitro S3 instant with an additional 30% volume. The machine has a large capacity boiler too for continuous supply and is prepared for Jug serving. See details>

Vitro S4 Fresh Brew tea

High Speed machine with a fresh leaf tea dispense system, optional media screen and high product capacity. Capacity is similar to what you’d expected in freestanding machines. This quick service machine is capable of producing a freshly brewed tea in just 20 seconds. A 10.1 inch HD Media player for inspirational or promotional videos can be included as an option.

Vitro S5 Espresso

Offer your customers large-sized beverages, enjoy your coffee on the go. The Vitro S5 offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 differentiates from the rest of the machines due to its integrated cup holder, high capacity and secured tray. This machine is recommended in unattended locations.

Vitro X1 MIA

Foam Sweet Foam in a compact footprint. The Vitro X1 MIA is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine with the latest technology MIA. Delicious drinks with fresh milk as velvety cappuccinos or latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam in a compact coffee machine that suits perfectly in any location.

Vitro X1 Espresso

Pinpoint style & Coffee Quality. The Vitro X1 Espresso is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine designed to provide peace of mind on medium demand environments providing consumers with a consistent high standard coffee experience.

Vitro X3 Espresso

Freshly made ground espresso based drinks along with milk & chocolate. The Vitro X3 brews with 9bar pressure the recently ground coffee which allows to offer your customers genuine espresso coffee based drinks. The Vitro X3 Espresso incorporates high pressure espresso technology providing authentic Italian style beverages. The machine attract customers attention and enhance the user experience at every service.

Vitro X3 Duo

A unique combination of true espresso based drinks along with fresh leaf tea, milk & chocolate. The Vitro X3 Duo incorporate high pressure espresso technology providing authentic Italian style beveragess. The range of drinks includes high street favourites such a Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte & Americano, for those indulgent moments you can also enjoy hot chocolate or a Café Mocha, simply touch & go. In addition the Vitro X3 Duo incorporates Coffetek’s Easybrew system providing fresh leaf tea.

Vitro X4 Espresso

Optional media screen, freshly made espresso and free standing machine canister capacity. The Vitro X4 Espresso includes everything you would find from in the Vitro X3 Espresso, genuine espresso coffee based coffee menu, with a Free Standing machine capacity and option of incorporating an attractive Media Screen.

Vitro X4 Duo

Freshly made espresso coffee & Tea with a free standing machine canister capacity and an appealing media screen The Vitro X4 Duo offers either freshly made coffee or tea. The optional Media Screen incorporates WIFI technology which will both attracts customers attention and enhance the end users experience. It’s extended canisters will give the Vitro X4 Duo a similar product capacity to that you would find in a Free Standing machine.

Vitro M5 Espresso

The perfect milk foam, like the best barista crafts Thanks to the innovative patented micro-injection air technology (MIA), the Vitro M5 prepares drinks with a delicious cold or hot foam, like the best Barista, at the touch of a button.

Esprecious 12

Esprecious 12 has one canister for coffee beans and two canisters for instant ingredients. The two canisters for instant ingredients can be filled with topping and cacao for coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino and hot chocolate.


The Esprecious is easy of use with an intuitive touchscreen. The machine offers bean to cup drinks at the push of a button using fresh coffee beans. The machine has a double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously.

Bolero 11

The Bolero 11 features one large canister for one kind of instant ingredient. Therefore this model serves one hot beverage, for example hot chocolate or coffee. The manual tap provides hot water for tea or soup.

Bolero 21

With two canisters, you can fill for example one canister with instant coffee and the other with topping (milk powder). This allows you to serve coffee specialties such as cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato. You can offer up to 3 hot beverages. The manual tap provides hot water for tea or soup.

Solo Hot Chocolate

Solo, a separate dispenser for hot chocolate. Simply press the button and hot chocolate pours into your cup. The amount of water and cocoa can be pre-programmed to your preferred cup size.

Krea Touch

The Krea Touch is a cutting edge hot beverage machine, dispensing premium coffees from a classy design.


The FLAVIA® was designed to create better breaks. With the Flavia, you can craft a variety of drink options that meet the needs of every moment while smart technology makes managing office beverages a breeze.

Brands You Love

In addition to a variety of café-style drinks, FLAVIA also offers a variety of top brands your employees will love. Each drink is made from Flavia sachets and a wide range are available.


Hand-crafted variety customized to your taste. FLAVIA brewers are multi-beverage brewing systems with hot, cold*, and frothed drink options that offer something for everyone.

Touch Free

Enjoy FLAVIA® favourites without touching the C600 brewer screen, with the Tap N’ Brew mobile app. The FLAVIA® Tap N’ Brew app mirrors the FLAVIA® C600 brewer screen’s functionality to select, personalise and brew favourite hot drinks directly from a smartphone.

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