We strive to deliver the latest technology to our customers here at Automatic Refreshments and we’re pleased to announced we’ve partnered with Nayax to offer contactless payments as an option for our machines. Gone are the days when you need to hunt around for a pound coin to grab a coffee on the go, more and more people are now used to tapping their card or their phone to make their purchase.

Why Go Cashless?

Less and less people are carrying cash on a daily basis. According to the British Retail Consortium cards now account for more than 50% of retail purchases with a third of card purchases being made by contactless transaction. Let your staff and customers refresh themselves easily using their contactless debit or credit cards – research shows that usage of a vending machine increases around 15-25% when contactless payments are taken.


We can add a contactless reader to most of our vending machines, including ones you may already have! We charge a cost price for the machines card reader followed by a monthly fee for the sim card and service which is currently around £12.50 per month, there is then a transaction fee of around 4-6% for each purchase.

Which Cards Are Accepted?

Our card reader provides an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations. Our reader accepts all the major contactless debit and credit cards as well as mobile apps such as samsung pay, apply pay and android pay. Furthermore the system is completely secure guaranteeing a secure transaction.

Let’s Get Started

We’re super excited to bring this technology to more of our sites. Whether you’re an operated site or self operated, we can help you bring this technology to your machines. Get in touch with your account manager or give us a quick call on 01455 230 133