the environment

Here at Automatic Refreshments we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As part of our ethos to deliver the very best service we are continually striving to reduce the impact we make on our planet. We take our moral and legal obligations very seriously and are always committed to doing more. Below are just some of the things we’re doing as a responsible vending operator.

our machines

The majority of the newer machines we provide are energy rated A+. They also use energy efficient, long lasting LED lighting. Many machines also come with an energy learning mode, powering the machine down at typical downtimes offering energy savings of upto 30% compared to traditional vending machines. Our hot drinks machines also contain refillable ingredient canisters, cutting the waste associated with pod and cartridge machines.


Where possible our machines are refurbished to an ‘as new’ state and sent back out into the field. At the end of a machines life, all parts are stripped and salvaged and used as spare parts, anything that can’t be reused is disposed of in accordance with the WEEE regulations. We only use licensed and registered disposal companies.


As you can imagine – our operators get through a lot of packaging per week including cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping. All the waste we generate is returned to our distribution warehouse and sorted for recycling, our intention is that nothing recyclable is sent to landfill.


All of our vehicle fleet are fitted with the latest in tracking technology, all routes are planned to minimise fuel consumption and reduce journey distances. Our tracking system also records things such as speed, acceleration and braking. We monitor our teams driving and encourage them to drive more carefully.


Most of our invoicing is now paperless, contact our credit control department today to switch to paperless billing. Our team endeavour to use less paper and we have reduced our paper consumption by 70%. All of our printers also use refillable ink cartridges to reduce landfill waste. We also encourage our team to power off devices not in use.


We sell a large range of Fairtrade, UTZ certified and Rainforest Alliance products. Through UTZ, farmers aim to grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources. A Rainforest Alliance Certified farm is one that complies with 10 standards set in place by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). These standards include ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, and fair treatment and good working conditions for workers.