Looking for a vending machine or a coffee machine for your workplace? Confused about how it all works? Look no further, our team are with you every step of the way. Call us on 01455 230 133 today to discuss the various options available.


The first step is to pick your machine(s), our team can help you do this using their experience of similar sized businesses and sites. You can use our website to give you an idea in advance about the kind of machines available. Things to consider include the location of the machines, the number of people using them and the payment systems you’d like to consider. Then you need to consider whether you want any extras such as vending machine housing. Call our experienced team on 01455 230 133 and they will come and visit you to provide a free, no obligation quote.

2 - Lease or Buy

Secondly you’ll need to consider whether you to wish to purchase your machines outright or lease them. We work with a number of leasing companies and leasing vending equipment is by far our most popular option. We typically lease machines on a 1+12 or 1+20 lease profile, this means you make 1 quarterly payments followed by 12 or 20 further quarterly payments. At the end of the lease period you can then choose to upgrade your equipment and take out another lease. Whether you choose to lease or buy, you can be sure of a great price.

3 - Operated or Self Fill

You can decide to keep your machines filled yourselves – we’d recommend this for our smaller tabletop coffee machines. We can still support you with delivery, installation and training and our website has everything you need for your machine. Alternatively, our great team of operators can offer you a fully managed vending service. Our team will keep your machine cleaned, stocked and ready to use. When it comes to our hot drinks machines, we’ll typically charge you a ‘cup cost’. A cup cost is the cost you pay per hot drink vended, if you choose not to charge for your drinks you will receive an invoice for the total number of drinks vended. If you choose to charge for your drinks, the difference between your cup cost and the vend price will be returned to you (allowing for VAT and other applicable taxes).

4 - Installation

We’ll install and deliver your machines free of charge and show you exactly how they work. Our support staff are always available should anything not be quite right. Our friendly team of engineers will ensure the machines are programmed to your needs (correct prices, right strength of coffee) and leave you to enjoy your new machines.

5 - And beyond!

We always like to ensure our customers are happy, those of you with our operated services will benefit from our great fully managed machine services ensuring your machines are always stocked and cleaned. We also have a great range of low cost vending ingredients and supplies for our self operated customers. Furthermore, our great support team are only ever a phone call away should you need us. When the time is right for a new machine or an upgrade or a lease is coming to an end; we have a fantastic upgrade program in place to ensure you continue to get many more years of great service from us.