Our customer charter

At Automatic Refreshments, our customers are our passion, no matter their size. Serving over 6 million hot drinks annually to businesses across the UK, we're dedicated to keeping everyone refreshed and energised. But it's not just about the beverages; we also dish out around 400 thousand packets of crisps and countless chocolate bars each year. Our dedicated team is wholeheartedly committed to 'doing vending right.' Below, you'll find our customer charter, a set of principles that every member of our team upholds daily. It's our promise to you – a commitment to excellence, reliability, and exceptional service.

Our key rules

  1. "Expect friendly, efficient, and professional service from our team, every time."
  2. "We treat all customers with the utmost respect."
  3. "Our team takes personal responsibility for every enquiry, ensuring thorough follow-through."
  4. "We're honest and realistic, promising only what we can deliver."
  5. "Accuracy and consistency are our hallmarks in all information we provide."
  6. "At Automatic Refreshments, excellence in customer service is our continuous pursuit, achieved through ongoing improvement, training, and trend awareness in the vending and coffee industry."
  7. "Your feedback is vital to us – it guides our improvements and innovations."

Face to face

  1. "Our frontline staff, from sales managers to vending operators and engineers, are committed to delivering top-notch service to every customer and prospect."
  2. "Our sales managers are all ears to your needs, understanding your business dynamics to provide a service tailored to you and your staff."
  3. "Our skilled vending team strictly follows health & safety protocols specific to your site, from wearing hi-vis jackets to stocking machines with nut-free products where required"

On the phone

  1. "Expect quick call answers without lengthy options – a real person always picks up."
  2. "If someone's unavailable, we'll take a message and ensure prompt action."
  3. "Every call is met with politeness, courtesy, and helpfulness."
  4. "Our team takes full ownership of your call, ensuring thorough follow-up."
Contact Us

In writing & email

  1. "We speak plainly – no complicated jargon here!"
  2. "Expect swift responses to letters and emails, directed to the right department for prompt action."
  3. "For in-depth enquiries, we'll keep you regularly updated on our progress."

The service that we provide

  1. "Our engineers aim to respond to service calls within 4 hours during working hours."
  2. "We track our fix rate and keep our engineers stocked with essential parts."
  3. "You'll always be informed about the status of your service call."
  4. "Our route operators proactively maintain machines to prevent issues."
  5. "We choose trusted brands and rigorously test products before rollout, prioritising quality over cost."
  6. "Independence means flexibility in machine and product selection – like stocking both Coca Cola & Pepsi."
  7. "Our operators tailor stock to your site’s preferences, regularly experimenting and gathering feedback."
  8. "Sales managers recommend machines based on your specific needs and expected usage."
  9. "We prioritise service over profit, always putting your needs first."
  10. "Our directors are hands-on in daily operations, even answering customer calls. No slow decisions by a detached board here."

Improving & maintaining the quality of our services

  1. "We actively review and follow up on customer feedback and reviews."
  2. "Our team receives regular training to stay abreast of the latest technology."
  3. "We use efficient internal systems to monitor service calls and improve our weak spots."
  4. "Customers can easily upgrade their machines with our healthy upgrade plan, supporting their business growth."
  5. "Feedback is crucial to us. Whether it’s praise or a concern, we welcome your input to enhance our service."