Customer Charter

We love our customers, big and small. We serve them up over 6 million hot drinks a year in businesses across the UK, we also serve up around 300,000 packets of crisps a year as well as thousands of chocolate bars. Our dedicated team are committed to ‘doing vending right’, below is our customer charter which all of our team abide by daily.

Vending Done Right

Our customer charter sets out the standards we at Automatic Refreshments adhere to on a daily basis.

Our team commit to our mantra of ‘vending done right’. We founded the business with the sole intention of providing great service, offering the benefits of ‘big business vending’ from an independently owned company.

In General

Our team will provide friendly, courteous, prompt and efficient customer services and remain professional at all times.

Our colleagues will respect all of our customers.

A team member will take ownership of each enquiry or service request, following it through to action.

Our team will be realistic and honest about what we can achieve and we’ll never over promise.

Our team will always provide accurate and consistent information.

Here at Automatic Refreshments we continually strive to deliver and excel in providing excellent customer service through continuous improvement and staff training as well as identifying and keeping up with the trends in the vending & coffee industry to deliver only the very best to our customers.

We will actively seek customer feedback to see which areas we can improve on.

Face to Face

Our frontline employees including our sales managers and vending operators and engineers will deliver only the very best service to all of our customers and potential customers.

Our sales managers will listen to your requirements and gain an understanding of how your business works and deliver a first class service based on the requirements of you and your staff.

Our great vending team will adhere to and respect the health & safety rules of your site (i.e the wearing of hi visibility jackets when entering your facility, keeping vending machines stocked with nut free products)

On The Phone

Our colleagues always endeavour to answer your call as promptly as we can, we have no long winded call options to select and a human will always answer your call.

If the person you require is unavailable a colleague will always take a message, pass it on and get it actioned as required.

The colleague you speak to will have a polite telephone manner, they will be polite, courteous and above all – helpful.

A colleague will take ownership of your call and will take the steps to follow up.

In Writing & Email

Our team will use concise and clear language that is easily understood – we’re not a fan of complicated and technical jargon!

A team member will respond to all letters and emails as quickly as possible, your email will be sent on to the relevent department.

If your enquiry requires in-depth research we will always keep you updated with the progress.

Our Service

Our engineers strive to deal with all service calls within 4 hours during working hours.

We monitor our fix rate, ensuring our engineering team are kept stocked with all the common parts needed.

A member of our team will always keep you updated with the progress of your service call.

Our route operators will be able to spot any common problems before they occur and will keep your machines in good working order.

We’ll only use known and trusted brands, suppliers & manufacturers. All products undergo a trial period before being used across our network. We’ll never stock products based solely on their cost, we’ll only stock products that we know you’ll love.

As a company we also don’t tie ourselves in to any particular supplier or manufacturer, allowing us to select machines and products that are right to you. Want us to stock both Coca Cola & Pepsi in your machine for example? Not a problem for us.

Each vending operator keep track of what sells well in your machine and they get to know each site individually, keeping machines stocked with products you and your team will love. They’ll often try new things, gaining feedback along the way.

Our sales managers will only suggest vending machines that are right for you and your business. They’ll listen to your needs and gauge a rough idea of vending numbers and suggest machines they know will be suitable.

We’re committed to putting service before profit instead of putting profit before service.

Our 3 directors are involved in the day to day running of the business, in fact it may even be them that answer your call when you ring. We don’t have a board of share holders holding up decisions that you needed making yesterday.

Improving & Maintaining the Quality of our Services

We regularly review customer feedback & follow up on all reviews left.

Our dedicated team receive regular training to ensure they’re kept up to date with the latest technology.

We use effective internal systems to monitor our service calls and identify weak spots that need attention.

We offer a healthy upgrade plan to all machine customers, allowing them to easily upgrade their machines as their business grows.

Providing Feedback

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and we actively encourage all our customers to provide feedback. So whether it’s a compliment or a complaint we’d love to hear from you.