Vending installation requirements

Before you go ahead and place your order, our dedicated team offers a complimentary site survey visit. Our experts will gladly assess the perfect spot for your machine, making sure it's just right. They'll take measurements, consider corridors, stairwells, and door frames, and ensure that the chosen location complies with current legislation for water and electrical supplies. We've outlined these important details below to provide clear instructions for any contractors you may engage for the job. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 01455 230 133. We're here to help!

Electrical supply

Each machine needs a 13-amp UK socket within a 1.5-metre reach of the chosen spot. Please note that extension cables or double adapters should not be used, for safety reasons.

Water supply

If you've opted for one of our smaller coffee machines with a tank system, it's advisable to have a nearby water supply and drainage. However, if you've ordered a plumbed-in hot drinks machine, coffee machine, or water cooler, they must be connected to the mains water supply. This should be a direct connection from the fresh water supply's rising main – please note that using a water tank storage supply is not suitable.

The plumbing connection should be brought within 1 metre of the intended machine location and equipped with a 15mm isolating ball valve for each machine. Additionally, both the electrical socket and stopcock should be easily accessible to allow for machine isolation when necessary.

Our engineers.

On installation day, our team of expert engineers will be there to ensure your machines are set up correctly. They'll also provide guidance and advice on how to use and maintain your machine. If you've opted for our fully managed service, our dedicated operators will be in touch to keep your machines filled and well-maintained in the future.