Refurbished vending machines.

While we always advocate for brand new machines to leverage the latest technology, there's something special about our refurbished vending machines. These machines come back to us for various reasons – upgrades by customers, outgrown capacity, or previous life as demonstration models. Our skilled team at Automatic Refreshments takes pride in revitalising these 'used' machines, ensuring they are as good as new.

Our meticulous refurbishment process

Each refurbished machine undergoes a rigorous cleaning and testing programme. Our engineers meticulously strip back and rebuild every machine, replacing parts as necessary and ensuring the highest levels of service and hygiene. This process brings each machine back to an 'as new' state, ready for its next life.

The refurbishment journey.

  • Initial Cleaning: The cabinet and door interior are thoroughly stripped and cleaned.
  • Descaling: We descale hot water tanks and valves for optimal performance.
  • Motor Maintenance: All ingredient/whipper motors are cleaned, lubricated, tested, and replaced if needed.
  • Hygiene Kit Replacement: We replace the machine hygiene kit and ensure ingredient canisters are cleaned and replaced as required.
  • Chiller Servicing: For cold drink models, the chiller is removed, cleaned, sterilised, and tested.
  • Reassembly with Care: Our team reassembles the machines, retouches paintwork, and applies new branding and labels. Custom vinyl wraps are available to match your branding, or we can leave the machines in their original state.

Finishing touches & quality assurance

Once reassembled, our engineers thoroughly test each machine to ensure it functions perfectly. We take great care to ensure that every refurbished machine meets our high standards before it's deployed. Most of our refurbished machines are only a few years old and have many years of service left. Our refurbishment ensures that they perform as well as new machines, often becoming a long-term solution for our customers until they are ready to upgrade.

A sustainable & cost effective solution.

Choosing refurbished vending equipment is an excellent way to introduce vending solutions to your site at a lower cost. It’s a sustainable choice that offers the functionality and reliability of new machines without the higher price tag. Interested in exploring refurbished vending machine options for your business? Our friendly team is ready to discuss the various choices available. Call us today at 01455 230 133. Our stock of refurbished machines is updated weekly and is highly sought after, so don’t hesitate to reach out for the latest information.

Automatic Refreshments, delivering vending excellence.

At Automatic Refreshments, we’re committed to providing high-quality, refurbished vending solutions that cater to a variety of needs across the UK. Our meticulous process ensures that each machine we deliver will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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