We’d always recommend that customers go for brand new machines, allowing them to take advantage of the latest technology. However we often breathe new life into machines that are returned to us, maybe the customers upgraded, perhaps the site has outgrown the machines, or maybe the machines were used as demonstration models.


We have a great team here at Automatic Refreshments who love to refurbish and give some TLC to ‘used’ machines. All of our refurbished machines go under a strict and extensive cleaning and testing programme by our team before being put back into use. We guarantee only the highest level of service and hygiene to ensure each machine is bought back to an ‘as new’ state. Every single vending machine is stripped back and rebuilt, with our dedicated team of engineers cleaning and replacing parts as required along the way. The machine then undergoes a rigorous testing phase to ensure it is fit for purpose before being re-sited to a customer. We find that many of our customers find using refurbished equipment a good way of offering vending on their site at lower cost than buying brand new machines, we often find that it performs so well that the customers keeps it in place until they’re ready to upgrade to bigger machines with the latest technology. Most refurbished equipment is only a few years old with many years of life left in it and our refurbishment scheme ensures it performs as good as new.

the process

Our team get to work on our refurbished machines on a regular basis! Firstly the cabinet and door interior is stripped and cleaned then the hot water tank and valves are de-scaled. Next our team make sure all ingredient/whipper motors are cleaned, lubricated, tested and replaced if required. Next up the machine hygiene kit is replaced and ingredient canisters are stripped, cleaned and replaced as required. Cold drink models have the chiller removed for cleaning, sterilisation and testing.

Finishing Touches

Finally the team get to work reassembling the machines, they’re all thoroughly cleaned and paintwork retouched as required. Machines are then rebranded and labelled as required – some customers choose to go for custom vinyl wraps to match their own branding, or some customers like to machines just as they are.


Once the machines are reassembled our expert team of engineers get to work throughly testing them to ensure everything works as it should. Once our team are satisfied the machines are then deployed to be installed across a variety of different sites across the UK and enjoyed for many years to come.

Considering Refurbs?

Considering refurbished machines for your business? give our friendly team a call today on 01455 230 133 to discuss the various options available. Our stock of refurbished machines changes on a weekly basis and does tend to get snapped up rather quickly!