Vitro S5 Espresso Coffee Machine


Introducing The Vitro S5 Espresso

Welcome to the world of the Vitro S5 Espresso Coffee Machine, the ideal solution for offices, convenience retail, and quick service restaurants. This compact machine is designed to serve the finest instant coffee beverages in any medium demand location, distinguishing itself from the rest of the Vitro range by catering to those who prefer a larger size drink.

The Vitro S5 is particularly perfect for unattended retail locations. The Vitro S5 brings you a comprehensive menu of coffee, chocolate, and milk-based beverages, providing an array of choices to suit every taste and mood. The Vitro S5 sports an elegant, contemporary look. Developed with meticulous attention to detail and superior material finishes, this compact coffee machine carries a unique premium identity that beautifully complements any office, hotel, leisure centre, or convenience store. Operation is as effortless as the push of a button, producing your desired drink automatically and requiring no specialist training. Please note, this machine requires plumbing.

In the world of professional hot beverage machines, the Vitro range stands apart. Every element of Vitro is designed to enhance the user experience, setting the bar for other beverage systems. Vitro's unwavering commitment to continuous development and innovation blends our growing knowledge with the needs of a fast-paced world. We focus on what matters most: delivering the finest machine and product, taking care of the minutest details, and adding a unique personality and identity to the Vitro range.

The Vitro S5 features a smoked glass door and touch screen user interface, combining state-of-the-art technology with elegance. This blend not only complements any location but also provides a user-friendly experience every time a drink is ordered. The customisable mood lighting along the door can easily adapt to any colour scheme, while the intelligent lighting system for the dispensing area and the beverage locator can be tailored to suit its environment.

The Vitro S5 is easy to fill and use

The Vitro S5 is user-friendly and easy to fill. It includes canisters for coffee beans, chocolate powder, granulated milk powder, and instant decaf. The independent hot water serving area allows for effortless preparation of tea and delicate infusions with clean, fresh hot water.

For those who prefer their beverages with fresh milk, the Vitro S5 offers an optional MIA technology add-on. The patented micro-injected air technology (MIA) will allow you to serve a wide variety of espresso-based fresh milk drinks, from velvety cappuccinos to luscious latte macchiatos with a thick layer of foam, delighting even the most discerning consumers. The Vitro S5 also makes maintenance effortless with its easy-to-clean drip and waste tray.

A delicious drinks menu

Explore the ten-selection touch screen menu to choose from a delightful range of drinks including lattes, hot chocolate, and more.

The Vitro S5 Espresso Coffee Machine is more than a coffee machine—it's your personal barista, delivering exceptional hot beverages at your command. Experience the difference today.

H775mm x W480mm x D590mm

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