Vitro X1 Espresso Tabletop Coffee Machine


Vitro X1: Where Style Meets Exceptional Coffee

Elegance in Every Cup
Introducing the Vitro X1, a sleek and contemporary coffee machine that brings a touch of elegance to any setting. Whether it's gracing an office, hotel, leisure centre, or convenience store, its premium design and materials make it stand out. But the Vitro X1 isn't just about good looks; it's about delivering a consistently high-standard coffee experience with ease.

The Joy of Coffee, Simplified
The Vitro X1 takes the art of coffee making to a new level. Indulge in velvety chocolates and superbly prepared coffee – from bean to cup. Enjoy the simplicity of an automatic process that grinds, tamps, and brews in seconds. Your job? Simply savour the exceptional coffee experience.

Tea Time, Anytime
With its independent hot water area, the Vitro X1 makes brewing tea and delicate infusions a breeze, ensuring clean, fresh hot water every time.

Touch to Choose
Making a selection is effortless with the Vitro X1's capacitive touch panel, elegantly concealed behind smoked glass.

Peace of Mind in Busy Settings
Ideal for bustling coffee service areas, the Vitro X1 effortlessly handles up to 150 cups a day, ensuring peace of mind during those busy rushes.

Cleaning Made Easy
The liquid waste tray is easily accessible from the front – no need to open the machine.

The 1.2l liquids tray, with its innovative wave breaker, prevents splashes and spills, making it a dream to transport and clean.

Canisters Catering to Taste
Coffee beans: 1200 g (expandable to 2200 g)
Granulated milk: 600 g
Chocolate: 800 g

Refilling? As Easy as Pie
Top up coffee beans and ingredients without a fuss – directly from the top, door-closed, no complications.

Touchless Selection for the Modern Age
With up to 12 specialty coffee options, select your favourite either by touch or our cutting-edge Distance Selection technology.

Efficiency at Its Best
Equipped with a 700-cc boiler, the Vitro X1 shines in convenience stores and offices alike. It's all about fast, intuitive service, offering high-quality coffee and a rich array of hot drinks, perfect for fostering a cooperative culture in any workplace.

Compact and Classy
Dimensions: Height 742mm, Width 337mm, Depth 505mm. The Vitro X1 fits snugly into any space, adding a dash of sophistication without taking up too much room.

Vitro X1: The Heart of Your Coffee Corner
Blending impeccable style with unparalleled coffee quality, the Vitro X1 is your go-to for a premium coffee experience, day in and day out.

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