Vitro S3 Tabletop Coffee Machine (Instant + Fresh Brew Tea)


Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea: A Symphony in Every Sip

Delight in the Diversity of Flavours
Discover the Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea, your ultimate partner in crafting an array of delightful drinks. This marvel isn't just about coffee and chocolate; it's a celebration of freshly brewed leaf tea. With its revolutionary paperless tea brewing system, the Vitro S3 adds a touch of finesse to your menu, preparing leaf tea-based drinks with the same care and precision as your favourite coffee.

Elegance Meets Innovation
Step into the future with Vitro S3's smoked glass door and intuitive touch screen interface. It's a sleek and sophisticated look that complements any setting, showcasing a wide array of drink options with style.

Simplicity in Every Interaction
The user journey with Vitro S3 is a delight. From the illuminated cup placement to the intuitive tray positioning, every interaction is designed to be straightforward and satisfying.

Mood Lighting Your Way
Customisable mood lighting along the door lets you set the scene. Match it to your colour scheme or change it up to suit the mood – the choice is yours. Even the dispensing area and beverage locator come with intelligent lighting, adaptable to your environment.

Crafted with Care
The Vitro range is a testament to our dedication to detail. We've delved into the latest trends in the coffee industry, blending them with our manufacturing expertise to create a range that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless in design. Every touchpoint in Vitro enhances the user experience, setting these machines apart in the world of beverage systems.

Tea, Brewed to Perfection
Vitro’s Fresh Leaf Tea system masterfully infuses tea, filtering hot water through the leaves for a perfect brew, without the need for paper.

Optimised for Every Drink
Whether it's achieving the perfect crema from soluble coffee or ensuring consistent milk texture, the Vitro's optimised soluble technology has got it covered.

Touch for Taste
Making a selection is as easy as a gentle touch, thanks to the capacitive selection panel behind the elegant smoked glass.

Seperate Hot Water Spout
With a separate hot water spout, there’s no worry about cross-contamination between coffee and other drinks.

Effortless Maintenance
The removable tray makes liquid waste disposal a breeze, all without the need to open the machine.

A World of Choices
The Vitro S series embodies versatility in hot beverage technology. Catering to diverse tastes, it lets your customers find their perfect drink, every time.

Capacity that Caters to All
The Vitro S3 is generously equipped with canisters for leaf tea (1000g), instant coffee (425g), granulated milk (1200g), hot chocolate powder (1200g), and sugar (1500g).

Sleek and Compact
This gem measures 670mm in height, 420mm in width, and 550mm in depth, weighing a solid 35kg. It’s the perfect fit for any space, big or small.

Your Ultimate Beverage Partner
The Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea is more than a machine; it's an experience. Ready to transform your beverage service with style, simplicity, and a splash of sophistication.

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