Sego 11L/12L Freshmilk Tabletop Coffee Machine


Sego L: Your Espresso Expert with a Touch of Elegance

Uncompromised Quality in Every Cup
Introducing the Sego L, a marvel in the world of fully automatic espresso machines, designed to connect seamlessly with a milk fridge*. It’s not just about brewing coffee; it’s about crafting an exquisite coffee experience. Every specialty coffee is a masterpiece, made with freshly ground beans and, for those creamy delights like Cappuccinos, topped with rich, fresh milk foam.

Pre-selected Favourites for Immediate Enjoyment
Bravilor Bonamat has meticulously selected and pre-programmed a range of popular specialty coffees, ensuring your Sego L is ready to impress from the get-go.

Designed for Excellence and Ease
Quality is paramount, and that's why Sego L's essential components, like the CIRCO brewer and self-cleaning milk system, are ingeniously designed in-house. This smart design minimises the need for maintenance and automates cleaning processes as much as possible, making your coffee-making experience as smooth as the coffee itself.

Versatile and Adaptable to Your Taste

Sego 11L*: Equipped with one canister for coffee beans and another for an instant ingredient like hot chocolate.
Sego 12L*: Features one canister for coffee beans and two for instant ingredients.

An integrated milk system, including a steam boiler and milk frother, ensures perfect milk-based beverages.

Simple operation is guaranteed with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Choose from up to 30 beverage options.

Customisable settings: Tailor water temperature, contact time, coffee grinding, and cup size to your preferences.

Perfect for Any Setting
Whether it's enhancing the ambiance of an office, adding comfort to waiting rooms, or serving busy shops, the Sego L is a fit for any environment.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best
With its energy-saving mode, the Sego L reduces power consumption when not in use, making it an eco-friendly choice for your coffee needs.

Sego L: Elevating Your Coffee Experience
With the Sego L, it's more than just brewing coffee; it's about elevating your daily coffee ritual. This machine combines convenience, quality, and style, ensuring that every cup of coffee is as enjoyable as the last.

Drinks Menu
Caffè crema
Café au lait
Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate deluxe
Latte macchiato
Hot milk
Hot water
Caffè latte
Cappuccino dark

Dimensions wxdxh
325x535x590 mm

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