Zen Single Fresh Brew Tea Hot Drinks Coffee Machine


Zen single fresh brew tea - your compact brewing pal for tea and more!

Perfect Fit for Your Space:

  • Height: A sleek 775mm.
  • Width: Compact and friendly at 480mm.
  • Depth: Just right, measuring 590mm.
  • Weight: A manageable 60kg.

Variety Made Easy:

  • Soluble Canisters: 4
  • Leaf Tea Canisters: 1

Brew and Serve Features:

  • 73mm Cup Capacity: Ready for 300 cups – share the joy!
  • Water Temperature Control: Your perfect sip, just the way you like it.
  • Water Level Control: No surprises – always know when it's time for a top-up.
  • Optional Cup Detector: Never miss a cup!
  • Distance Selection: Brew from afar – convenience at your fingertips.

Power and Compatibility:

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Maximum Power: 1800W

The Zen Single Fresh Brew Tea is not just a machine; it's your versatile companion for delightful tea breaks. Compact, efficient, and ready to bring joy to your brewing moments!

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