Vivace Snack, Can & Bottle Drinks Vending Machine


Necta's Vivace: Compact Vending Machine with Massive Capacity

Necta's Vivace is a compact snack and drink vending machine that packs a significant punch despite its small footprint. Measuring only 746mm in width, Vivace can house an impressive 344 products, making it a perfect fit for locations with high customer traffic but limited space.

Contemporary Design and Energy Efficiency

The Vivace blends a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with energy-saving LED lighting, ensuring it enhances any environment it is placed in. The dark grey design is clean and uncluttered, and the advanced performance only adds to the machine's appeal.

Key Features

Vivace comes loaded with features that elevate the user experience while optimizing its operational efficiency:

Capacitive numeric keyboard: The LED-lit keyboard ensures easy selection, even in low-light conditions.
Optimised space: Despite its small size, Vivace offers an optimized product capacity. Efficient cooling unit: Its highly efficient cooling unit ensures low energy consumption.
LED product lighting: Drives impulse sales by enhancing the visibility of the products.
Flat-surfaced delivery bin: The newly designed delivery bin makes it easy to collect purchased items.
Easy to brand delivery area: Offers potential for branding and marketing initiatives.
A++ energy rating: Assures the lowest possible energy consumption.

Variety of Selections
The Vivace 6-27 model offers a total of 27 selections, with three trays for snacks/crisps offering nine selections, and three trays for confectionery offering 18 selections.

The Vivace Snack, Can & Bottle 6 - 30 model provides a wider variety with two trays for snacks/crisps offering six selections, two trays for confectionery offering 12 selections, a tray for bottles offering six selections, and a tray for cans offering the final six selections.

In essence, the Vivace vending machine by Necta brings a big punch in a small package, offering the greatest variety of snacks and beverages with its advanced features and high-end performance.

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