Swing Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine


Swing: Necta's Cutting-Edge Solution in Vending

A New Standard in Impulse Vending
Introducing the Swing, Necta's latest innovation set to redefine the Impulse market segment. This new dispenser is a response to the growing demand for a high-capacity, reliable model that is both compact and flexible. It excels in offering customisation in terms of product variety, catering to diverse vending needs.

Optimised and Versatile Configuration
The Swing boasts an optimised and flexible internal layout. This design enables the management of a wide range of product sizes and packaging types, making it suitable for a diverse array of products.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
In line with the latest European Ecolabelling standards, Swing achieves a market-leading C class in energy efficiency. Its compact compressor and evaporator significantly reduce pull-down time inside the cell by 30% compared to other Necta models. This efficiency translates into marked energy savings.

Advanced Insulation Technology
Swing's cabinet is equipped with highly efficient foaming insulation, which effectively prevents any thermal bridging between the cell and the external environment. The cooling unit, enhanced with R290 technology, minimises environmental impact while maximising energy savings. The window frame features new insulation technology with a PVC core and an external aluminium layer, alongside improved insulation in the delivery bin due to an internal PVC structure.

Customisable Layouts for Various Needs
Swing is available in multiple layouts to meet the specific requirements of different locations:

100% Food Layout: Temperature range 0-3°C.
Stratified Temperature Layout: Includes 2 lower trays for cans and bottles (5-7°C), 2 central trays for food (0-3°C), and 3 top trays for snacks (8-12°C).
Ambient Layout: Operates without a cooling unit for non-perishable items.
Key Dimensions

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 900 mm
Depth: 790 mm
Open Depth: 1495 mm
Elegance Meets Functionality
Swing's design is both elegant and uncluttered, featuring a capacitive keyboard and a wide graphical display for easy interaction.

Flexible Tray System
Equipped with up to 7 trays, the Vertical Flex (V-Flex) system facilitates easy movement and space optimisation inside the cell. Optional Visioshop trays can create a special area for non-standard packaging like salads and ready-to-go meals.

Swing: The Smart Choice in Vending
Swing by Necta sets a new benchmark in vending efficiency and versatility. It's not just a vending machine; it's a smart solution designed to adapt to the evolving needs of the modern vending environment.

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