Swing Can & Bottle Drinks Vending Machine


Swing Can and Bottle Machine: Optimal Performance and Efficiency

The Swing can and bottle machine, from Necta, boasts a contemporary aesthetic and a large glass frontage that serves as a shop window, showcasing the array of available cans and bottles. It responds to the need for a reliable, high-capacity model, combining compactness and flexibility, and allows for comprehensive customisation of the product offering.

With its elegant and straightforward design, paired with exceptional performance, the Swing is an ideal machine for medium to large locations. It offers an excellent capacity-to-size ratio, providing optimum efficiency in space usage.

Top-notch Energy Efficiency
Swing is distinctive for its leading energy efficiency. It features a compressor and evaporator of compact dimensions, the efficiency of which enables a reduction in the pull-down time inside the cell by 30% compared to other Necta models. Energy consumption is further reduced thanks to the highly efficient foaming insulation of the cabinet, preventing any thermal bridge from the cell to the outside. The new cooling unit incorporates R290 technology, which minimises environmental impact while providing high energy savings. The window frame boasts a novel insulation technology, with a PVC core and an external aluminium layer. The delivery bin insulation has also been enhanced through a new internal PVC structure. As a result, Swing has reached the C class according to the EN 50597 protocol, signifying up to 70% less energy consumption compared to older impulse models.

Large Selection Capacity
The can and bottle model is equipped with five trays. Three of these are for bottles, offering 24 selections each with capacity for 6 bottles, while the remaining two trays are for cans, offering 16 selections each with the capacity for 6 cans. With Swing, the ideal refreshment is always within reach.

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