Palma H87 Snack & Cold Drinks Vending Machine


Palma H Series: The Pinnacle of Flexible Vending

Adaptable and Versatile
Explore the Palma H series, a testament to the adaptability in vending technology. Designed to vend a diverse range of products, the Palma H series stands out with its adjustable trays, dual temperature settings, and dual rotating spindles. These features ensure it can accommodate larger-sized items with ease, making it a highly flexible solution for any vending need.

Showcase Your Products in Style
The Palma series transforms vending with its large glass front, acting like an alluring shop window. This design not only enhances product visibility but also boosts impulse purchases, thanks to its excellent lighting and clear display.

Your Products, Perfectly Presented
The Palma is not just a vending machine; it's a display stage for your products. Its toughened glass front, transparent sections, and superior illumination showcase your snacks and cold drinks, encouraging impulse buys.

Tailored to Fit Any Product
Ready to vend any type of product, the Palma series adapts to changing market trends. Adjustable shelves allow you to modify channel width, and the option to activate two motors simultaneously means no product is too big or too small.

Optimal Temperature Control
The Palma+ H70 maintains an interior temperature of 3ºC, even in external conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity. The machine also offers two temperature zones, ensuring products are kept at their ideal temperature.

Built to Withstand
Public vending demands durability, and the Palma series delivers. The iDetect vend system prevents losses and vandalism, while the design of the collection tray ensures secure access to products. The machine is virtually indestructible with its galvanized steel construction, anti-leverage system, steel buttons, and triple toughened glass front.

Eco-Friendly Vending
In line with the 3R principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the Palma series is both ecological and sustainable. Energy consumption is minimised with LED lighting and improved insulation, while its robust design extends its life. Compliance with RoHS and WEEE European directives is a testament to its eco-friendly nature.

Two Models for Different Needs

Palma H87: Compact yet capacious, the Palma+ H87 offers a large capacity for its size. Typically equipped with 12 spirals for crisps/grab bags and 24 selections for confectionery.

Palma H87 Dual Temperature: A balanced choice in the range, the Palma+ H87 DT features double temperature technology, accommodating a variety of products. Typically includes 8 spirals for crisps, 16 for confectionery, and 16 selections for cans/bottles.

Palma H Series: Redefining Vending Flexibility
With its combination of style, adaptability, and robust design, the Palma H series is more than just a vending machine – it's a dynamic vending solution tailored to meet the evolving demands of the market.

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