Mistral H87 Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine


Mistral+: The Epitome of Flexible Vending Solutions

A New Era of Vending
Discover the Mistral+ series, a revolution in vending machines offering incredible flexibility to adapt to various products, locations, and the evolving needs of your business. Every detail in the Mistral+ series is crafted to enhance ergonomics, ease of use, reliability, and safety.

Attractive Design to Boost Sales
Elevate your impulse sales with Mistral+'s elegant design. Its ability to attract consumers and showcase products superbly ensures an increase in sales.

Optimised LED Lighting: For enhanced product visibility.
Transparent Sections: For an improved presentation of products.
Smart Channel Management: Prevents empty channels and ensures continuous availability.

Grows with Your Business
Adapt effortlessly to consumer demand with the Mistral+'s modular system. You can link up to three vending modules to a single payment module or to a hot beverage vending machine, making it as dynamic as your business.

Versatile Product Range
Designed to vend a wide array of products, whether they require refrigeration or are fragile and delicate, Mistral+ handles it all, from small to large-scale offerings.

Food Safety at Its Best
Mistral+ adheres to strict health regulations, featuring a straightforward temperature and expiry control system to prevent the sale of subpar products.

Refrigeration Up to 3ºC: Ensuring freshness.
Sanitary Temperature Control: Monitored by tray.
Expiry Date Management: For every selection.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient
Developed with the 3R principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in mind, Mistral+ minimises its environmental impact.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Thanks to LED lighting, automatic retrieval zone closing, and enhanced insulation.
Robust Design: Prolongs its useful life.
Compliance with RoHS and WEEE: Adhering to European directives.

Vandalism Minimisation
Mistral+ incorporates state-of-the-art technology and safety features to deter vandalism.

I-Detect System: Ensures product dispensing.
Automatic Retrieval Zone Closure.
Six Anchoring Points in the payment module.
Recessed Doors and Toughened Glass: Extra durability.
Optional Anti-Vandalism Features: For payment and cash box security.

Two Configurations for Varied Needs
Mistral H85DT - A great capacity in a snack and cold drink vending machine.
Mistral+ H85DT has 80 different selections with capacity for 100 Crisps,300 Confectionary units & 120 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.

Mistral H85ST: A great capacity in a snack vending machine.
Mistral+ H85 has 80 different selections with capacity for 150 Crisps & 450 Confectionary units with the recommended configuration.

Mistral+: Your Partner in Flexible Vending
The Mistral+ series redefines vending, combining stylish design, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled flexibility to cater to all your vending needs. Whether it's snacks, drinks, or confectionery, Mistral+ is ready to serve.

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