Minisnakky Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine


Minisnakky R600a: Compact Vending for Intimate Spaces

Perfectly Suited for Small Spaces
Introducing the Minisnakky R600a, a gem in Necta's vending machine range, designed specifically for smaller locations. This compact slave model is the ideal solution for dispensing bottles, cans, snacks, and confectionery, catering perfectly to intimate gatherings and environments where space is a precious commodity.

A Complete and Flexible Vending Solution
Minisnakky R600a doesn't just offer variety; it offers flexibility. With the capacity to vend both snacks and drinks (cans and bottles), it presents a comprehensive refreshment solution.

Space-Efficient Design
Boasting a small footprint, the Minisnakky is tailored for locations with limited space. Its compact size doesn't compromise on functionality, making it an ideal choice for snug environments.

Enhanced Product Visibility
The large window, complemented by LED lighting, ensures excellent product visibility, encouraging impulse purchases and making selection easy for users.

Key Specifications

Selection Capacity: Up to 24 options.
Dimensions: Height 1080 mm, Width 600 mm, Depth 935 mm, Open Depth 1450 mm.
Weight: Approximately 125 kg.
Ideal for Limited Spaces
With its compact dimensions, the Minisnakky is perfectly adapted for locations where space is at a premium, such as small offices, boutique stores, or cosy lounges.

Designed to Pair with Drinks Machines
The Minisnakky is available exclusively as a slave model, meaning it is designed to be paired with a hot drinks machine. This pairing can be either on top or at the side of the Minisnakky, creating a comprehensive snack and beverage station even in the most space-conscious settings.

Minisnakky R600a: Your Small-Scale Vending Solution
The Minisnakky R600a is more than just a vending machine; it's a smart, space-saving solution that delivers a variety of refreshments in compact environments. Perfect for small-scale settings, it ensures high-quality snacks and drinks are always within reach.

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