Maestro Direct Selection Espresso + Freshbrew Tea - Hot Drinks Vending Machine


Maestro: A Button for Every Taste

Elegant in design and efficient in performance, the Maestro hot beverage dispenser from Necta brings a touch of class to any environment. Featuring black anodised aluminium external profiles, a black door, a dark grey cabinet, and a wide panel, the Maestro is a sophisticated addition to Necta's line-up for the most discerning locations. Maestro's distinguishing features are its perfect performance, extensive selection, and high-quality beverages.

From an expertly brewed leaf tea to a creamy espresso, customers are spoiled for choice with up to 22 options. They can select the product most suitable for their tastes, and with the Maestro, quality and variety are just a button away. Maestro incorporates Necta's cutting-edge technologies for beverage preparation, including the Z4000 patent and Necta's instant system. Two coffee hoppers allow for a variety of blends and aromas to suit any palate, and the dual cup system enhances the aroma of your coffee, delivering an indulgent experience.

Instant FREEMIX Technology

Maestro's newly designed mixers and adjustable ingredient motors facilitate even greater flexibility in drink creation. Users can customise the speed according to their needs, balancing quality and speed, with options to adjust powder flow and mixing speed. FREEMIX technology is easy to remove and clean, making maintenance a breeze.

The Maestro uses fresh coffee beans and leaf tea, along with a canister for decaf instant coffee, chocolate powder, milk powder, and sugar. It can accommodate either 450 9oz cups or 350 12oz cups, making it an excellent choice for busy locations. With Maestro, you have all the variety and quality you desire, at the push of a button.

H1830mm x W650mm x D760mm

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