Hi Class Top 30 Water Cooler


Hi Class Top 30

Elevate Your Hydration Experience

Discover the Hi Class Top 30 IB AC WG – a sophisticated solution providing 30 litres per hour of Chilled & Ambient Water, including Chilled Sparkling Water.

Unmatched Cooling Efficiency

Hi Class Top 30 IB AC sets the bar with 30 litres per hour of Chilled & Ambient Water, delivering refreshing hydration at your fingertips. For an extra sparkle, opt for Chilled Sparkling Water.

Ice Bank Chiller Excellence

Experience the superiority of Ice Bank Chillers, known for offering larger quantities of consistently colder Chilled Water compared to conventional Direct Chill Coolers. Your refreshment stays cooler for longer.

Long-Lasting Carbonation

The 1 litre Sparkling Water Carbonator, nestled inside the Hi-Class Ice Bank, ensures excellent and enduring carbonation. Enjoy the perfect fizz in every sip.

Elegant Design, Practical Features

With an outstanding dispensing height of 30cm, the Hi Class Top 30 facilitates easy bottle filling. This elegant table-top cooler in anthracite livery with stylish chrome accents adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Important Installation Tip

Before turning on the cooler, ensure the Ice Bank is filled with water. Without water, the chilling unit may burn out. A small precaution for lasting refreshment.

Future-Ready Convenience

Stay ahead with the Hi Class Top 30, as it can be retrofitted with contactless dispensing. Embrace modern convenience without compromising on style.

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