Arctic Star 55 Water Cooler


Arctic Star 55

Your Hydration Hero!

Discover the ArcticStar 55 – the ultimate choice for ambient and chilled water, with hot and chilled options to cater to all your hydration needs. No fuss, just features that make life simpler.

Hot Water, Your Way

Experience rapid hot water delivery with the booster, elevating temperatures to a toasty 95˚C for approximately 1.5 liters. Even without the boost, enjoy a comfortably warm 90˚C. The perfect cuppa is just a button away.

Smart and Energy-Efficient

The Hot & Cold cooler isn't just cool; it's smart too. The built-in ECO light sensor slashes electricity consumption by up to 33%. Stay refreshed without worrying about the bills.

Easy and Durable Design

Keep it hassle-free with manual, tamper-proof push-down taps and ditch the complex electronics. This ensures the ArcticStar 55 lasts longer and is a breeze to service. Hydration made simple, just the way it should be.

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