Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler


Arctic Chill 88

Pure Chill, No Frills

Your direct chill cold water cooler, keeping things refreshingly simple.

Instant Refreshment

Quench your thirst with a single dispensing button for perfectly chilled water. No need to navigate complex options – just press and hydrate.

Adaptable and Practical

Tailor it to your needs with the option to fit overflow kits and mains drainage. Designed to seamlessly fit our standard cowling and wall bracket, making installation a breeze.

Quality Assurance

Rest easy knowing that the ArcticChill 88 is WRAS approved, ensuring it meets high-quality standards for water safety.

FloodGuard Protection

Worried about large-scale flooding? Our innovative FloodGuard inlet solenoid has got you covered, providing extra protection for your cooler.

Elevated Dispensing

Experience convenience with an impressive 23cm dispensing height – no awkward bending required. The ArcticChill 88 is designed with your comfort in mind.

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