Fresh Food Range

Food Served Around The Clock

Our fresh food vending machines are the ideal way to offer fresh food around the clock. Our machines are filled by a selection of caterers that we work closely with to ensure our customers are offered a great selection of tasty sandwiches, salads, hot food options and more. Why not give us a call on 01455 230 133 to discuss the options?

Assorted Sandwiches
Triple Fill Sandwiches
Fresh Filled Baguettes
Hot Breakfast Rolls / Burgers
Sausage Roll
Cornish Pasty
Assorted Pies
Baked Potato with Various Fillings
Pasta Pots
Salad Boxes
Fresh Milk
Pot Noodles

Our Promise

We believe in supplying only high quality machines with the latest technology. We also ensure that we operate these machines with only the highest quality ingredients and products available on the market. We have worked with a number of suppliers over the year, ensuring we deliver consistency and quality time after time. Being an independent company means we have no ties so can ensure we only offer products and brands that are an exactly right fit for our customers.

-Adam Bates, Managing Director